School Improvement

Welcome to the school improvement page!

In January/February of 2014 we invited our community to ‘Join the Conversation’ and share their thoughts about what we’re doing well and where we can improve as we think about our long-range programming and facilities planning. We then sorted these thoughts into related groups of ideas and again invited our community to review and prioritize them by placing stars next to the ideas of most importance.  Our goal is to get a sense of shared values and priorities within our schools and across the Napavine School District community.

Because of the recent changes in our administrative team, this feedback is especially important for informing our decisions as we move forward with changes in the programming and facilities available to our students.

We asked for your input at the school and community levels.  These specific results are available by clicking on the ‘School Reports’ page.  You can view the top priorities combined into one report below.

Community Engagement Process

(click on the graphic for a larger view)

Napavine results infographic